Market Conditions

Market turmoil and change are inevitable, as evidence by the running commentary on our market volatility page. Here are some more resources:

Market Updates

Equities, Bonds & ForEx
Current equities markets indices, Canadian bond market yields & FOREX rates.
Mutual Funds
Pricing and returns for the periods ending the most recently available month end.
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Insights from ScotiaMcLeod & Scotiabank

Investment Portfolio Quarterly 
Research Perspectives for the Individual Investor.
Weekly Market Strategy Weekly Market Strategy 
Our research department's weekly update on what is happening in the markets. 
Daily Market Summary Daily Market Summary 
Our research department's daily update on what is happening in the markets. 
Insights Newsletter
Insights is a monthly ScotiaMcLeod newsletter that delivers strategic investment insight and helpful financial planning perspectives.
Wealth Matters 
A look into current investment topics. 
Scotia Economic Publications Scotiabank Economic Reports
Various reports from Scotiabank's research teams.


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