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Do you 'Doo? I seem to check the Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Club's website every few days in January and February. The list of 30,000 km of trails available is amazing. Like canoeing, riding a Skidoo is a quintessential Canadian experience. And the new generation of 4 stroke machines have changed the sound, demographics and experience of snowmobiling from the noisy and smelly adventures of the past.

So how is this site of the month investment related? Well if you own shares of DOO, the new stock name for BRP (Bombardier Recreational Products) division that makes Skidoo and Can Am vehicles - the trail conditions may relate to the sales of their sleds. And last year with the cold and snow, BRP sold out of their 2014 inventory around mid-February according to a local dealer. Check out the site for some financial and winter fun. (Note: This is not a buy or sell recommendation. Also note that DOO is now a different company from Bombardier BBD.B, which is the air and rail mobility company. Contact us directly for advice tailored to your personal situation.)


Here are some sites you may want to check out. We've selected them because they offer good reference information or investment advice. We'd like to expand this list so if you have a site you really like, please drop us a line.

ScotiaMcLeod Related Sites

  • ScotiaMcLeod - Of course, we think you should check out ScotiaMcLeod's web site. It's got information about client services, market news and the economy, plus real time market data.
  • Scotiabank - Our bank allows you to transfer funds to your non-Registered brokerage account, just select Add Payee and enter your ScotiaMcLeod account number (all 10 digits, no hypens) under Bill Payment (select ScotiaMcLeod or Scotia Discount) to register.
  • Quicken - Financial news and stock quotes from Quicken.

Mutual Fund Reference

  • The Investment Funds Institute of Canada (IFIC) - IFIC is the national association of mutual fund companies and dealers. The site provides general information about mutual funds as well as mutual fund statistics.
  • The Globe & Mail's "GLOBEfund" - Use GLOBEfund to generate reports on mutual funds, produce historical price charts, lookup mutual funds articles published in The Globe & Mail, learn about mutual fund terms and concepts, track funds you own or are interested in.
  • The Fund Library - This is a great source for mutual fund investors - it offers industry news, performance numbers and even a chat group for investors.
  • Morningstar - We use the commercial version of this tool to chart the performance of your mutual funds. Morningstar's site is an in-depth performance reporting site and has numerous portfolio tools and mutual fund articles.
  • Fundscope - This is a "for-fee" analysis site for comparing funds. It has a good correlation tool.
  • - An informative site run by our good friend Duff Young, with a unique fund correlation tool.
  • Yahoo's Mutual Fund Centre

Great Stock and Investment Reference Sites

Investment Reference for KIDS & TEENS (and the people who care about them)

Mutual Fund Companies

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Tax Sites

ScotiaMcLeod does not provide tax or accounting advice. Please refer to these sites or your tax professional for tax information.

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Note that we do not make any representations about the quality of the above links and tools, most of which are provided by unrelated organizations solely for your convenience.

While these sites can provide some insight, the consulting with your professional advisor (your team) is always recommended before making investment or planning decisions.


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