Lifecycle Funds

Lifecycle funds are essentially one decision balanced investment portfolios that begin with a strong growth bias, and become more conservative as they approach their maturity date, which is usually selected to match your retirement date.

Fidelity is the market share leaders, with solid performance. The Spiess McGlade Team is pleased to have recommended those Clearpath funds 10 years ago and they have performed well for our clients. Fidelity recently updated their brochure and have a detailed white paper on how the funds are built and rebalanced based on their proprietary "glide path".

Lifecycle funds are offered by several other companies, as well. Below is a listing of performance data, followed by links to more information on lifecycle funds. Any of the funds listed can be held in your ScotiaMcLeod account, and many are available for Pre-Authorized Contribution (PAC) plans and/or with no loads. Please contact us for details and recommendations for your situation.

Mutual Fund


Fidelity ClearPath 2025 Port Series B2025TargetDate5.767.443.907.545.735.885002.18
Fidelity ClearPath 2025 Port Series A2025TargetDate5.537.213.677.295.505.885002.40
BMO Target Education 2025 Portfolio A2025TargetDate2.866.453.57nana5.85na1.58
BMO LifeStage Plus 2025 A2025TargetDate0.433.141.694.612.424.38na2.49
BMO LifeStage Plus 2025 Advisor2025TargetDate0.423.131.674.59na4.38na2.50
Invesco Intactive 2023 Portfolio2025TargetDate1.652.480.241.73na3.12na2.17
BMO LifeStage Plus 2022 A2025TargetDate-0.431.07-0.113.57na4.03na2.10
BMO LifeStage Plus 2022 Advisor2025TargetDate-0.431.06-0.123.54na4.03na2.11
Sun Life Milestone 2025 A2025TargetDate-0.94-0.42-0.872.25na4.38na2.16
IA Clarington Target Click 20252025TargetDate-1.41-0.78-1.512.172.614.705002.54
Fidelity ClearPath 2030 Port Series B2030TargetDate6.
BMO Target Education 2030 Portfolio A2030TargetDate3.897.974.35nana6.68na1.58
Fidelity ClearPath 2030 Port Series A2030TargetDate5.957.813.937.775.526.345002.45
Invesco Intactive 2028 Portfolio2030TargetDate2.343.530.772.32na3.81na2.23
BMO LifeStage Plus 2026 A2030TargetDate0.743.111.176.35na5.36na2.47
BMO LifeStage Plus 2026 Advisor2030TargetDate0.723.081.146.30na5.36na2.50
BMO LifeStage Plus 2030 Advisor2030TargetDate1.862.391.234.59na5.56na2.08
BMO LifeStage Plus 2030 A2030TargetDate1.842.371.224.581.515.56na2.10
Sun Life Milestone 2030 A2030TargetDate2.091.890.193.97na5.75na2.28
IA Clarington Target Click 2030 Sr A2030TargetDate1.791.73-0.773.69na6.16na2.54
Fidelity ClearPath 2040 Port Series B2035+TargetDate7.819.985.239.596.537.405002.28
Fidelity ClearPath 2045 Port Series B2035+TargetDate7.809.975.209.756.637.435002.28
Fidelity ClearPath 2050 Portfolio Sr B2035+TargetDate7.769.955.17nana7.455002.31
Fidelity ClearPath 2055 Portfolio Sr B2035+TargetDate7.779.945.15nana7.455002.32
Fidelity ClearPath 2055 Portfolio Sr A2035+TargetDate7.589.754.95nana7.465002.51
Fidelity ClearPath 2050 Portfolio Sr A2035+TargetDate7.589.754.98nana7.455002.50
Fidelity ClearPath 2040 Port Series A2035+TargetDate7.589.745.009.366.307.395002.49
Fidelity ClearPath 2045 Port Series A2035+TargetDate7.579.744.989.526.407.425002.49
Invesco Intactive 2038 Portfolio2035+TargetDate3.104.721.243.02na4.85na2.25
Fidelity ClearPath 2035 Port Series B2035TargetDate7.349.535.069.246.407.065002.23
Fidelity ClearPath 2035 Port Series A2035TargetDate7.119.304.839.016.187.065002.44
BMO Target Education 2035 Portfolio A2035TargetDate4.668.844.60nana7.59na1.58
Sun Life Milestone 2035 A2035TargetDate5.784.941.535.33na7.12na2.27
Invesco Intactive 2033 Portfolio2035TargetDate2.714.060.962.65na4.41na2.26
Fidelity ClearPath 2020 Port Series BSTTargetDate5.236.793.586.445.095.445002.17
Fidelity ClearPath 2020 Port Series ASTTargetDate5.036.583.376.224.875.445002.37
Fidelity ClearPath 2015 Port Series BSTTargetDate4.576.013.195.714.794.875002.12
Fidelity ClearPath 2015 Port Series ASTTargetDate4.365.792.975.494.584.875002.33
BMO Target Education 2020 Portfolio ASTTargetDate1.243.101.68nana4.62na1.58
BMO LifeStage Plus 2020 AdvisorSTTargetDate-1.02-0.51-0.091.20na1.67na1.37
Sun Life Milestone 2020 ASTTargetDate-0.80-0.56-0.621.09na1.53na1.20
BMO LifeStage Plus 2020 ASTTargetDate-1.08-0.57-
IA Clarington Target Click 2020STTargetDate-1.14-1.05-1.220.741.841.635002.03

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