Managed Money Reporter Newsletter — Issue 121, February 1997

Editors: Carl Spiess & Allan McGlade

RSP Deadline - March 1st. Don't Delay!

Deposit Cash First!!

For you last minute RSP shoppers, the deadline for RSP deposits is 3PM, Saturday, March 1. If you are uncertain which investment to make, our suggestion at this late date is to first get your money contributed to your RSP account and make the investment later.

Labour Sponsored Funds For '96 Tax Credits

On a maximum $3,500 investment you will save $1,050 in addition to your RSP tax refund. If you are purchasing a Labour Sponsored Fund and wish the additional tax credits to be utilized for the 1996 taxation year, your order should be placed well in advance of March 1st!! We will still place orders as late as March 1st, but are not guaranteed having them filled by the fund companies, so place these orders early!

RRSP Contribution Tax Receipts

ScotiaMcLeod is responsible for issuing you a tax receipt for RSP contributions. These are sent out at two intervals: on December 31 for all contributions made between March 1,1996 up until December 31, 1996. A second receipt is mailed on March 1, 1997 for all contributions made between January 1, 1997 through to March 1, 1997.

Tax Receipts For Labour Sponsored Funds

The tax receipt for the additional Provincial tax credit on Labour Sponsored Funds is mailed directly to you from the mutual fund company. A Federal tax receipt is not mailed. You merely record the amount of your investment on your tax return and the Federal tax credits will be applied automatically.

For the clients of John Zufelt/Carl Spiess and the Mutual Fund Reporter team, we invite you to browse our new internet site!! You can access the Top Ten/Bottom Ten performing funds, previous MFR issues, all the ScotiaMcLeod approved funds and their rates of return, learn of the history of the MFR - now the longest running monthly report on mutual funds, find access to the Home Pages of many of the mutual fund companies, learn about Group RSPs and read our investment policy that forms the basis of our individual client recommendations. In the near future our Group RSP clients will have their own Home Page which will show specific details of their corporate plan. A great deal of thanks must be given to Jennifer Spiess and her company, Compusulting, for the creation of our website!

Growth Funds With Guarantees!?!

In the last MFR issue we announced the addition of Allan McGlade to the MFR team. Allan is an insurance specialist who will offer our clients estate planning and insurance advice. In the next issue of the MFR (March), Allan will be writing an article about Segregated Funds. These are mutual funds issued by the insurance industry that carry some unique features such as guaranteeing the invested principal and offering creditor protection. These funds will have appeal to the older clients of ScotiaMcLeod and to those who are very risk averse. Watch for this in next month's issue!

For a complete list of our recommended investments for this RSP season, please call our RSP Hotline at (416) 863-RRSP or 1-800-387-9273 or e-mail us.


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