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"Merry Christmas [2008] to you, your team, and families.... I just wanted to let you know that you have one client who is no way stressed about the current economic situation. I trust that everything will unfold as it should. We have a roof over our heads, plenty of food on the table, and awesome family and friends to love. Ted and I appreciate all that you do for us. Keep up the good work. Now, go home to your families and be thankful, as we are, that life is so good. Thank you for your shining light! "
– Jane B.

"Hello Carl, I just wanted to send you a quick email and say thank you. Some years ago, I turned my LIRA over to your capable hands after many disappointments with my prior investment firm. At that time, you assured me that you would look after my retirement funds and do your best to ensure that the money grew. You have been good to your word. Thank you. When I hear from friends about their negative experiences (with other investments firms... not yours), I tell them about my experience and tell them to consider looking to you and your team. I sleep a whole lot better because of your team! Cheers, "
– Connie S.

"[To Allan]... By the way, I heard only late last week that friends of friends who have recently moved to your firm for the handling of their financial affairs, as the result of word-of-mouth "kudos", are all more than very pleased - not only with having made these transfers to your firm in order to ensure as much as is possible that their investments are being well looked after but also, and most importantly, with being able to enjoy and reap the benefits of the services that they have received from you and your great team. B.L. put me on to a great thing in referring me to you and this has obviously multiplied, as it should when folks are happy, and hopefully will continue to do! Thought you'd like this very positive feedback. With best regards,"
– Barb D.

"Hello Carl, I'm not sure if you remember me but I used to be one of your HR contacts at [] Canada. I have since left [] but made the decision to maintain my investments with your group. While at [], my dealings with your group were always positive. Now that I'm no longer part of that plan, I wasn't sure what to expect. I must say that I have been so delighted with your group's customer service skills. Each time I have called with questions they have been extremely knowledgeable, helpful, never treated any of my questions as simplistic and have been very prompt at processing my requests. I just wanted to give credit when credit is due. Thank you and keep up the good work! Thank You,"
– Annette A.

"I just want to express my appreciation for one of your team members, Debbie Ann Despa. I had an issue with a deposit which she helped me resolve. She was very helpful and answered all my questions and concerns quickly and professionally. She always kept me up to date on the situation, which helped lessen my anxiety. You are fortunate to have such a fine person representing your company. Sincerely,"
– Danny F.

"In response to the comments you made last night [at a client appreciation dinner], Carl, if you had sat at our table and listened to the conversations around the table about trips to here, there, everywhere, you would have been satisfied. Obviously, you guys have helped folks realize their financial goals for their retirement years. Best Regards,"
– Roland H.

"Thanks Allan, As always you were very swift at getting back to me with a comprehensive answer. I am more relaxed about this now. It is a shame about Bissett because I was looking at that just a few weeks ago and thinking how very well they have done. You are right the portfolio overall is performing very well and I am pleased. You have done a very good job for me, Allan, and I have not said this before but it took a long time for me to find the "right Investment guy" for me but I feel I have it in you. Your approach has clearly shown that you have my interests at heart and that you have acted accordingly. While there have been ups and downs in the market, the overall results have been favourable, especially the last couple of years. Many Thanks."
– Jane W.

"Carl, I was just reviewing our RRSP portfolios. I wish to express our thanks for the Asset Allocation Analysis that we received. This is good and helpful information and a plus for your clients. Best regards,"
– Bob S.

"[On the occasion of Carl's 15th Anniversary with ScotiaMcLeod] You make it look so easy. You've made it possible for us to relax, so take a few moments to enjoy... Congratulations."
– Stan & Diane G.

"Thank you for the adjustment to my account. That is why I like dealing with you and not some of my previous brokers, you get things done."
– Ed G.

"Thanks for your prompt response... You and your team never cease to amaze me. I am always attended to in a punctual, courteous and supportive manner. Customer Service is taken to a new level. No wonder so many [members of my professional association] are part of the ScotiaMcLeod group."
– Paul C.

"Carl, thank you for seeing [my wife] this morning. I'm sorry I couldn't make it; I have to write a ton of year-end [articles] so I don't have to come in on Christmas day. I will drop off the forms you gave [her] later this week. If I don't see you, Merry Christmas and thanks for the great service... I was at the Rick Waugh CEO media lunch today and mentioned to various Scotia execs that I was your client. They all said nice things about you."
– Eric

"Brenda, Thank you so much for all your help!!! You went above and beyond customer service. Thank you again, I finally have it. Regards,"
– Mona

"Hi, Ms. Calvert: My company [] used to have a GRSP with your team. I just want to say thank you for all your help for the last three years that I had an GRSP account with your group. In terms of personal service, intelligent answers to customer's questions, prompt reply to customer inquiry, I have to say out of all the brokerages I have dealt with, your group is the best. Giving intelligent answers to client's questions might not sound like a big thing, but I was very surprised how many brokerage telephone representatives at other divisions give me information which totally did not make sense. Just want to thank you and your group for doing an outstanding job at providing us with the GRSP service."
– Meng

"For the record, it is a pleasure to deal with ScotiaMcLeod. We also deal with [] for our employee RRSP contributions and frankly, the service I receive from ScotiaMcLeod is far superior. There are rarely errors, and when there are, they are dealt with quickly and without hassle. Thanks for the great support, and Debbie-Ann thank you for the fantastic service."
– Angela S.

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The Globe and Mail recommended the site you are visiting ( - formerly as one of the best independent sources for mutual fund information in Canada, as did Macleans and Money Sense.

"Hi Carl, I'm surprised there aren't more enterprising advisers operating websites like your own. [I] think it's more common in the states. Thanks for the comments re today's column. [I] am trying to urge caution on trust investors, but nobody's listening to that message right now. Best,"
– Rob C.

"Carl, I have been following your newsletter for a number of months and would like to compliment you on it's quality and timeliness. Being somewhat biased, I am always a little nervous about other fund companies articles but I persevere and I will admit to finding them interesting. Thanks for putting me on your list to receive the newsletter. Have a great year Carl and thanks again."
– Dave W.

"Good morning Carl: I just wanted to take a few minutes to let you know how much I really enjoy your monthly newsletter. It is very informative and caters well to an average investor such as myself. Thanks again,"
– Jennifer S.

"Hello, And thank you very much for the information! Please continue to use the e-mail address on my profile when sending the newsletters. By the way, the newsletter is a wonderful publication, and always look forward to reading it. Thank you,"
– Laura S.

About our history

And here is an excerpt from a nice letter that was written to our predecessor and founder, John Zufelt, upon his retirement, by a client who continues to deal with us 23 years later...

"Dear Mr. Zufelt: I came to see you at McLeod, Young, Weir in about 1984. It was when that company introduced the concept of borrowing from one's own RRSP. Many things have happened since then. I met with you only once. Time has shown that what you told me has been proven over time, to be mostly correct. If you have consumed your own advice, then you have a great nest egg to retire to. I used some of your advice. I listened to other sources. I wish I had used all of your advice. You have done a great job of advice, with respect to investments. I have written to thank you. Many people do their jobs, without looking for any accolades, just doing their best. It is nice that we take time to appreciate a job, that has been done well. Best wishes to you! I read that you are heading for retirement in your paper."
– Yaw O.


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